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A Blessing for a busy mom
I started using Kids r Kids when my son was only 3 months old and I was returning to work. They alleviated all my fears early on and have continued to provide a loving and supportive environment for him. As a single mom living away from family support, I have relied on their care and in-depth knowledge of child development. Often the attendants have guided my son and I through big milestones. Every day I get a written report telling me what he ate, how much he ate, when he had diapers changed, naps, and what activities they worked on during the day. If he had a mishap, they give you a separate report about it. I've even received calls if they worry about something amiss. Communication is important, and this daycare knows that. No place is perfect, and being around other children has meant that he has gotten sick more often then if he stayed at home with a parent. However, his advanced social development and comfort with people is a valuable benefit of going to this daycare. Everyone there seems to know my son, even if they are not usually in his room. And he is always full of smiles for the whole staff, especially the ladies at the front desk who give him special kisses. Kids R Kids in Lexington has earned my endorsement.
Thank you
I want to make sure that everyone at Kids R kids realizes how special they are to us. We came to Kids R Kids because we thought it was the best choice for our infant and we were so very right in our choice. I can't say how much we appreciate how the staff there have treated out daughter and help us mold her into the child she is today. We could not be happier with the care she received - from the sign language to the Spanish - we were blown away with the care and learning she received there. In my eyes, there is no better choice than Kids R Kids. Again... THANK YOU for everything you have done for our daughter, her mother, and I. We deeply and sincerely appreciate everything you all have done for us. Matt. P.
Matt P.
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